March 2015 TRINet Newsletter

The Road to Sendai

The first time many of us heard of Disaster Risk Reduction was probably in 2005, a month after the tsunami struck. The World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held at Kobe, Japan, adopted the Hyogo Framework of Action 2005-2015.

This was the time when post-tsunami reconstruction of the affected areas had begun – people were being moved into temporary shelters and discussions about rebuilding houses was going on full swing. The tsunami was an unexpected, new threat from the sea, an addition to the cyclones and storm surges. How did one ensure people’s safety by the sea?

The announcement of HFA’s three strategic goals at this time was thus most appropriate. These were directions that could be followed.

Ten years later, two weeks from, the WCDRR at Sendai is going to examine what happened well and what has to be done especially in terms of adopting a post-2015 framework for action. One hopes it is replete with concrete action at the local level.

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Welcome to TRINet

TRINet has transitioned into "The Resource and Information Network: for the coast" from 1st April 2008. Three years after the Indian Ocean tsunami, TRINet's focus has changed from rehabilitation to long term development of the coastal zone. Specifically, TRINet's focus will be on providing information on coastal issues from the perspective of the coastal communities whose livelihoods depend extensively on access to coastal resources.

History: TRINet (originally Tsunami Rehabilitation Information Network), set up in March 2005 in the aftermath of the December 2004 tsunami, served both as a platform for deliberations on the rehab of the coastal communities affected by the tsunami, and as a provider of information on tsunami rehabilitation in the country.


Building and Enabling Disaster Resilience of Coastal Communities (BEDROC) is the successor to the Nagapattinam NGO Co-ordination and Resource Centre (NCRC). Click on BEDROC to learn more about its activities and plans.

TRINet is now hosted within Bedroc and is part of Bedroc's Knowledge Centre.

TRINet's mailing address is c/o BEDROC, No. 5 Mettu Bungalow, New Beach Road, Kadambadi, Nagapattinam 611001

To contact us, please write to us at


Dark Secret: Release of the Challenged Coast of India and discussion on the state of the coast. NDTV

Shifting SandsThis 10 minute film is on the significance and potential of coastal shoreline monitoring with local communities. At present shorelines monitoring is a centralised and fund intensive activity undertaken by the Central Government and its agencies. This film highlights the shortcomings within these methods, making a case for regular, field-based and community based monitoring activities.


Chronicles of OblivionThis 25 minute film highlights the challenges faced by women fishworkers in Orissa, in coping with conservation related challenges and economic and social marginalisation. It underscrores the need for a feminist engagement with development and conservation policies and interventions.  

Both films were made by Priyanjana Dutta

 India Endangered : Vanishing Coasts I: A film by NewsX

India Endangered - Vanishing Coasts -II

Mumbai Dying - I

Mumbai Dying-II

The Challenged Coast of India A report by NDTV on the release of the report and website at the CBD - COP11 on 10th October, 2012 at Hyderabad, India